Fall Show 2021

For 17 years Interform has been holding a fall show that features our fantastic vendors that we work with through out the year. At the show we have the chance to show our clients and potential clients some of the amazing products that are coming into the market. The show is held in the fall and gives clients some potential products they should order ahead of time for the up-and-coming holidays or for the following year. Having it in September allows them enough time where they don’t have to stress before the Christmas Season begins.


The vendors bring everything from new technology on the market, to clothing and hat trends and/or water bottles and other exciting items and food gifts. You can see that you can seriously add your branding to pretty much any product. We saw everything from your logo lighting up on the side of headphones to collapsible water bottles and jackets that can turn into a backpack. The list goes on…



This is the biggest event of the year at Interform and we were lucky to host it this year at the Vivint Smart Home Arena where the Utah Jazz play during the year. It was an experience that is hard to forget. The show went smashingly and we hope next year to see you there.