Charity McClain

What is your FIRST Name: Charity 

What is your current position and what do you do for Interform?

CSR – Customer Service Representative. She helps the Sales team keep track of their orders, then she makes sure it is properly billed to the customers. 

What is one accomplishment you are proud of? (Personal or Professional)

Charity’s biggest accomplishment is her 2 kids. She helped her daughter Heather grow into a strong and confident woman by getting her involved in the Girl Scouts and doing it with her. They have both grown from the experience. Charity’s son Coltin was able to earn his Eagle Scout with his mom right there to encourage him to always do his best. Due to her support and staying on top of him, he graduated High School early and joined the Air Force.

Who are you outside of work? Your hobbies, interests, side projects, etc?

Charity is a Girl Scout Volunteer and is very involved with the Utah Council, she is a troop leader, Service Unit Director and on other committees to help better the experience for the Girls of Utah. She loves to go camping and be outdoors in the Mountains, that is her relaxing place. She enjoys taking care of people and being helpful, she is considered Mary Poppins in her own special way. 

What are 4 interesting facts about you?

Charity has always been a “tiger,” of some sort. Her mascot throughout school was a Tiger-Elementary, than in Middle School she was a cub, then High School she was a Tiger. Her Chinese sign is a tiger.

She is related to the real Jack and Jill from the Fairy-tales, that is how her Grandma’s Maiden Name came to be.

She loves Moose; she even has a real stuffed head in her front room, it was her dad’s.

Charity is a Lifetime member of the Girl Scouts. 

What is a humorous story that will add flavor to your bio? (Remember this is going online.)

In High School Charity was in the ROTC. She went on many camping trips. Charity is a petite girl and really enjoyed picking on all of the big strong guys on the trips with her. She liked to catch the small water snakes and walk into camp with it, just to see the fear in all of the big macho guys. They would end up running away from her. She was raised the right way.