Justin Cowan

NAME: Justin


Justin works Prepress and Estimating in Interform’s Print Department.


Away from work, Justin will be out chasing wildlife and sunsets with his camera; he never goes anywhere without it. He considers one of his biggest accomplishments to be his ability to learn photography without any formal training or schooling. If he isn’t out taking pictures, then he is found spending time with his wife and family. He loves the outdoors and spending time with his family and friends.


Justin is allergic to wheat. NOT GLUTEN, just wheat. Justin collects shot glasses and Hot Wheels. He recently visited South Africa, where he spent seven incredible days photographing wildlife there.


Justin on a trip to Arizona with his girlfriend (now wife). They went shopping and he purchased a pair of pants that his girlfriend liked on him. At the end of the trip, his girlfriend was watching as he was packing to fly home to Salt Lake City. He walked around for thirty minutes looking for the pants that he had purchased. His girlfriend finally asked, “What are you looking for?” He replied, “my new pants that I bought!” His girlfriend replied with, “the pants that you are wearing?” Needless to say she has not let him live it down, and that was thirteen years ago.