Mindy Havig

NAME: Mindy


Mindy is the Art Director here at Interform.


Mindy is incredibly proud of her family; they are everything to her. They love to go camping, fishing, hunting, working on her family ranch, and doing pretty much anything outdoors. They also have three dogs and cats. She enjoys gardening, cooking, nutrition, and anything else that challenges her physically and mentally. She doesn’t love chocolate.


Mindy has always enjoyed physically pushing her mind and body. She is an early riser; her alarm clock is set for 4:00 AM everyday so she can work out before work. She loves lifting weights and has run numerous marathons and half marathons. Although Mindy loves the training for full marathons, she prefers the race day of half marathons because you still have energy to do stuff afterwards. 


Mindy has been branded with a branding iron while branding cows.