Peggy Ogzewalla

NAME: Peggy 


Peggy is an Account Executive. She has been working with Interform for over twenty-two years! 


Peggy is happily married to her husband, Roger. They have a wonderfully large family with eight kids, one nephew, five in-laws, twenty-five grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren! 


She is a tomboy who loves horses, pickleball, and golfing; she and her husband both belong to the Davis Men’s & Ladies Association. She also enjoys boating and snow skiing with her family and friends whenever possible.

Peggy was an  only child until the age of ten, at which point her parents adopted three brothers within six months. She also happens to be the only daughter and the only granddaughter on her father’s side.


Peggy and Roger got married with eight kids over twenty-eight years ago. When they were dating they would go snow skiing twice a week. They have tons of humorous stories with all of the kids and adventures. The best of all is that Roger married Peggy with five kids; what a guy!