Our Purpose

Energy Rescue’s purpose and goal will be to give consumers accurate and unbiased information, especially to customers seeking savings on their energy bill.  We will give both the pros and cons of all energy options, while watching the market for new companies entering it.

We will give definitions to help the consumer know/understand the language that of the electric world; endeavor to explain how such energy options operate; keep aware of trends in all states and laws concerning the use of energy home systems; explain electric power generation (both from traditional power and solar); and even keep abreast of world change.  In other words, we will attempt to educate our potential customers.

We have seen a trend in the market for consumers of electricity.  The trend is for more savvy, well-educated, users/buyers.  There is a void in accurate, unbiased, information out in the Google safari.  We want to be a reliable source for, you, our customers.  Thus, enabling you to understand the market and make the most informed decisions.  It will be of utmost importance for us to be as neutral and impartial as possible for us to gain trust from you.

Our purpose, then, is to be the “go to” source for current information in the energy industry.