Anissa Haslam

NAME: Anissa


Anissa works on the Web Development Team and helps with building and maintaining websites. She enjoys learning new things related to her job and has fun working with her coworkers.


Anissa is a proud mother and grandmother to two sons and one grandson. They all have fun doing things together and she is happy when she is around them.

Anissa likes traveling, camping, shopping, reading, being in the sun, and watching her favorite TV shows. She also loves to spend time with her friends having fun.


She used to work in airport security and had the opportunity to search Billy Idol.

In her thirty-seven years of driving she has never gotten a ticket.

When she was five years old, she fell and broke her arm while roller skating. She ended up in the ER on the first floor; at the same time, her mom was on the third floor maternity ward delivering her little brother.


One night while she was in college, Anissa and her roommates dressed in black from head to toe. They had water guns and ran across campus to scare some guys that had been drinking. On their way back to the dorm, campus security chased them. Anissa and her roommates outran them and hid in the back of a truck in the freezing cold until the coast was clear.