Ashley Sexton

NAME: Ashley


Ashley works as an Account Manager for Interform, though she has been in the industry for over eighteen years. She prides herself in working hard and accomplishing her goals.


Ashley enjoys concerts, paddle boarding, and going on new adventures. She enjoys golf, even though most of her time is spent finding her ball in bushes. She loves watching her sons’ sports, which include wrestling and lacrosse.


Ashley once showed Mario Lopez how to make an Oreo shake. She and her friends float the ice cold river in costumes up in Lava Hot Springs each winter at the Fire and Ice Event. She has lived in Utah for most of her life, yet she has never once gone skiing. Ashley has done updates in her home and fixed things on her car just by watching YouTube videos.


Ashley, who is not athletically inclined, played on a co-ed softball team for one season. One time, she biffed it as she was running her hardest to beat the ball home. Some told her, “nice slide,” while others called her out for her face-slide to  home.