Codie Seidelb

What is your FIRST Name: Codie

What is your current position and what do you do for Interform?

Receptionist. She answers phone calls, greets customers, sends art files and handles any extra work to help the CSR and Sales team.

What is one accomplishment you are proud of? (Personal or Professional)

Codie’s sunshine in her life is Tobin. He is her pride and joy and she is so very proud of the polite, sweet, intelligent and well behaved young man. He is the best accomplishment she has made.

Who are you outside of work? Your hobbies, interests, side projects, etc?

Codie loves the outdoors! Hiking, fishing, biking and camping. It makes her soul happy. She is a proud nerd! She loves reading and going to Barnes & Noble, which is her happy place. She enjoys gaming with her son and boyfriend and has recently gotten into Dungeons and Dragons. She likes yoga, painting and drawing.

What are 4 interesting facts about you?

Codie loves reading

She loves to cook.

Codie has lived all over Utah.

Codie worked a bead/gem store and makes jewelry

What is a humorous story that will add flavor to your bio? (Remember this is going online.)

When Codie was pregnant with her son his due date was February 28. So her family planned her baby shower for February 9th. Well her sunshine decided he wanted to be there for his own party and he was born on February 9 at 4:15 am, both arrived home later that afternoon to attend the baby shower together and to introduce him to family and friends.