Dana Burnett

What is your FIRST Name: Dana 

What is your current position and what do you do for Interform?

Quantum Consultant/Co-Lead Web Dev Team

What is one accomplishment you are proud of? (Personal or Professional)

Dana was in the 104th Infantry Division Drill sergeant of the year, 1986. 

Who are you outside of work? Your hobbies, interests, side projects, etc?

She is a jockette of all sports and a master of none.

What are 4 interesting facts about you?

Dana’s nickname on the Hand Grenade range was, “Good and Plenty.”

She worked at Checkpoint Charlie while stationed in Berlin in 1980-1981

She has been to every state in the USA

Dana was voted the, “Biggest BS’er,” of 1978. She has brilliant blue eyes.

What is a humorous story that will add flavor to your bio? (Remember this is going online.)

Dana once got a speeding ticket when her quick thinking pregnant fried poured 7-up in her lap. Instead of receiving a ticket, they got an escort to the hospital.