Davis Wall

NAME: Davis


Davis works as an Account Executive here at Interform. He is proud to be Interform’s youngest Account Executive. (This is not fact checked, but it seems legit.)


Davis is a sports fanatic; from following the Utah Jazz, to cheering on his favorite golfer Tony Finau, the thrill of watching competition is Davis’ favorite pastime. Davis loves to run with his wife, golf with his buddies, and play basketball with the group of old men at the nearest church building.


Davis married his high school sweetheart, Madi. He has run two marathons and five half-marathons. He was a hurdler in high school and qualified for the state meet for the 300 meter hurdles. Davis served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Belem, Brazil; he still keeps up on his Portuguese with the Brazilian employees at Interform.


When interviewing for the job at Interform, Davis thought there was no chance he would get the job. Not for lack of skill or experience; Davis was a stud of an applicant. Being a BYU fan and going to Layton High School, Davis would stand alone. Jim Hirst (fellow Account Executive) interviewed Davis and informed him that a majority of Interform employees were rooted deeply with the University of Utah, and that he–Jim–and Jim’s brother, Mike–the CEO of the company–both graduated from Layton High School’s largest rival, Davis High. Even with these setbacks, Davis was hired. Being the brunt of many jokes at sales meetings, he still stays true to the blue–Go Cougs.