Hilary Ingersoll

What is your FIRST Name: Hilary 

What is your current position and what do you do for Interform?

Accounting Representative – Billing, Invoicing, Customer Service 

What is one accomplishment you are proud of? (Personal or Professional)

Hilary hiked Mount Olympus

Who are you outside of work? Your hobbies, interests, side projects, etc?

Hilary enjoys running, High Fitness and doing things that challenge her physically. Hilary likes watching the, “Food Network,” and any dance competition reality show. Hilary likes to crochet around fleece blankets and give them to people as gifts. 

What are 4 interesting facts about you?

Hilary was on the drill team in High School

Hilary likes watching any sport except boxing

Hilary likes to cook

Hilary has run 8 marathons.