Interform Halloween 2022

Halloween is a holiday and tradition that has been around for centuries. It is said to date back to the ancient Celts’ celebration of Samhain.  The word Halloween itself is said to mean transformation, a night where the the veil between the living and the dead is thin. The transformations, costumes, and masks are all elements that, for one day, allow us the freedom to dress up as other people, animals, etc. This holiday has been celebrated in the United States of America since 1914, and the earliest mention of trick-or-treating was in a Canadian Newspaper back in 1927.

Through the years at Interform, we have established some great traditions for our employees which help create a greater sense of unity and atmosphere of fun. Holidays are definitely one of the things we do, and do well!

Halloween is one of our favorite days of the year in the office. Anyone who wants to dress up in-costume, can. We celebrate with treats, costume contests, and trick-or-treating for the employees’ kids. This year, our employees outdid themselves, truly.  We had a record number of participants in our annual costume contest; a lot of the employees even decorated their work areas, bringing a special, new element to the day. In our finishing area, they had a ghost that would fly around as well as a witch with her cauldron. Our entire sign shop seemed to be transformed overnight, bringing decorations that featured things from the popular tv show “Stranger Things”, as well as some other horror décor around the warehouse. Our very own web office also had cobwebs, a Halloween village and jack-o-lanterns. It made for a fun tour through the buildings throughout the day.



A lot of the departments all decided to dress up, which has been unlike previous years, and it created a spirit of fun and camaraderie.  We had every kind of costume in our buildings. Whether you were looking for villains like Cruella de Vil, Winifred Sanderson, or Darth Maul, or more whimsical things like a butterfly, a pink lady, or Minnie Mouse, we had it all! One of our employees who dressed up as Medusa even brought in a live snake as part of her costume!



Our HR manager, who was a scarecrow this year, helped run the costume contest and took care of the afternoon snacks everyone got to enjoy. For this year’s snack, we had a delicious array of mini bundt cakes to choose from.

After a full day of activities, there was a poll that was sent out to all employees allowing them to vote in the Interform Costume Contest. The contest categories included:

  • Funniest Costume
  • Spookiest Costume
  • Best Department Costumes
  • Best Overall Individual Costumes

We are excited to find out this week who won as the tallies and votes are all counted.

As our Halloween has wrapped up and costumes are off, masks and wigs are put away, and the sugar highs are gone, we are thankful that we had a fun, safe, and joyous day. We look forward to the following months where we can celebrate gratitude and the winter holidays.

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