Kristi Morgan

NAME: Kristi


Kristi is the Human Resources Manager, aka the Lorax.


She is the mother of three fantastic kids. She loves spending time outdoors: hiking, gardening, and exploring new places. Kristi loves music, traveling, and relaxing with family. When spending time with family, she loves playing sports, attending sporting events, watching movies, really anything!


She has moved states five different times. Kristi loves to go dancing. She wants to own a motorcycle. Kristi loves country music. All music in general, but especially country.


Kristi loves pickled beets! As a child, her mom would can beets, so she always had plenty around. At one point, she had eaten so many beets (unbeknownst to her parents) that she had health problems. The doctor ran some tests and asked if she had eaten a lot of beets. Kristi replied, “yes.” Mystery solved, she was limited on how many beets she could eat after that.