Marcee Hernandez

NAME: Marcee


Marcee works hard as an Account Manager here at Interform.


Outside of work, Marcee loves to quilt and spend time with her family. She is most proud of her family and the home that she and her husband have built together; she spends most of her time with them, and she loves every minute of it. When she is not with her family, she enjoys camping in the mountains and riding ATV’s.


Marcee is very musically inclined; she can play five instruments. SHe is also quite tall and has been for a very long time. In fact, she has been six feet tall since she was twelve years old. Also, she hates pickles.


Once, while working at a food establishment, Marcee drank an unknown number of ants without realizing. It was a hot summer day and she had filled her water bottle up several times throughout her shift. At one point, her co-worker mentioned that there was something small and black on her face. She wiped it off not thinking much about it. Hours later she went to fill her bottle up again and noticed it was crawling with ants. She put two and two together and realized the small black thing earlier mentioned was an ant and she had been drinking them all day.