Mike Hirst

NAME: Mike


Mike is the President and CEO of Interform.  He mostly enjoys the working relationships which he has with various clients.  Mike enjoys being creative and helping clients achieve their goals.


Mike has lived most of his life in Davis County, Utah. He graduated from Davis High School and then attended the University of Utah where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing. While attending the University of Utah, he met his wife, Jill. During his time in college he served an LDS mission to Quito, Ecuador.

Some of Mike’s favorite things to do include snow skiing and surfing behind his boat. He also loves golfing and playing tennis.

Mike has eight children, three of which are adopted: two from Ghana, Africa, and one from Pueblo, Colorado. Mike’s family is comprised of three girls and five boys.


From his Experience in Ghana, Mike and Jill have formed a foundation called “My Brothers, My Sisters” with the intent to help educate children in Ghana. The mass poverty level in Ghana is mainly due to the lack of education. Both Mike and Jill feel that if they can help children become educated, then the children can progress past the vicious cycle that currently keeps the Ghanaian society from advancing.