Recent Projects & Events

At Interform we have the privilege of working with fantastic vendors that enable us to create beautiful custom products for each of our clients.

Below are some of our most recent products and projects we have worked on…

Air Medic Hats


Our embroidery team does such amazing work. Check out these Air Medic hats they worked on.

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Trail Map Hats


These hats are truly original. Bountiful City in Utah celebrated some of it’s trails by mapping it out on a hat. Seriously such a cool design.

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Victor working on a Banner


Victor is hard at work helping to ensure your banners and other signage are getting accomplished.

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Getting Ready for Spiral Binding


Our Bindery team has amazing machines, it is super easy to get your prints into a spiral bound book.

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Farmington High School Debate Team Tees


If you have a school club or team that needs t-shirts we can help you out. These t-shirts we made for the Farmington High School Debate Team.

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Branding on Paddle Board


When we say we can brand anything we mean it. These paddle boards are an amazing item.

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America First Embroidered Socks

America First worked with our embroidery team at Interform to help keep things nice and toasty on their end. Our team worked hard to get thousands of socks embroidered with their logo. We love the results and appreciate all the effort to get this job done beautifully.

Dreaming of Sunshine at Interform


On these cold dark snowy days, aren’t we all just dreaming of a little sunshine?

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Destination Home Hat


A good hat with a beautiful patch logo, nothing better.

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Black & Blue Apparel


As you can see things are a little black and blue in the clients apparel. During the winter time there is nothing like a good comfy basic in a neutral color.

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Grease Monkey Advertisements


Door hangers or flyers, we have the ability to help you print whatever you need for your advertising.

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Wasatch Front Dumpster Vinyl 


Sometimes it does not take a lot of time for our sign shop to get any vehicle ready to advertise business.

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Vive Financial Jackets

What a great way to celebrate a company anniversary! In December our embroidery team helped Vive Financial decorate some great black winters coats in honor of their 40th Anniversary.

Vinyl Stickers after Printing

#Youtube Short

These vinyl stickers are all ready to go on their apparel. Follow us on Tiktok at: @interform_products

Leadership Keys – Academy Mortage

#Youtube Short

Our sign shop made these amazing keys for a conferences Academy Mortgage had in 2022. Follow us on Tiktok at: @interform_products

Mapping out the placement of pieces for Hospital Wall

#Youtube Short

Our sign shop can be seen here having the placement of plaques all mapped out for the hospital wall installation. Follow us on Tiktok at: @interform_products

Legacy Books Coming Together

#Youtube Short

Legacy Book pages with this amazing machine are both collated, stapled and folded all within minutes. Follow us on Tiktok at: @interform_products

Cement Trucks waiting to have Vinyl

#Youtube Short

Cement Trucks waiting to have Vinyl. Follow us on Tiktok at: @interform_products

Granite Credit Union Letters

Our Bindery department has some amazing machines that make print jobs smoother and faster than they would have been decades ago. Our team recently worked on a print job for Granite Credit Union. We worked on a print job of around 23,000 letters their company and used our tri-fold machine to get the rest of the job done. This machine takes all of the chaos out of having to fold each piece perfectly making things smooth and easy.

2022 At-A-Glance

Some of the highlights of 2022 at-a-glance.

Interform Shipping Trucks – New Wraps

As the company grows and expands we have gotten a few new shipping trucks. These new shipping trucks have new updated wraps that are quite eye catching and amazing to see. We even have a camo wrap where the interform logo is a silver reflective wrap… the sky is the limit in what our team is capabale of.

Brigham City Community Hospital Puffy Jackets

As the cold weather moves in we are seeing a lot more jackets come through. This week our embroidery team is helping to get a large number of blue puffy coats finished for Brigham City’s Community Hospital. We just love how their logo looks against the navy.

Interform Halloween 2022

We had a wonderful fun and safe Halloween here at Interform. We love how many of our employees dressed up this year and made it a great day.

Intrepid T Shirts

We are so happy to work with Intrepid, a Salt Lake CIty based Public Relations Company. They are a fantastic business that works to create change with their clients and their community. We love that at their UDO Conference they are reminding us all that we need to, ” Show up for each other.”

Wheeler CAT Mobile Classroom Trailer

Our Sign Shop recently updated a trailer for our client Wheeler CAT. The amazing thing about this trailer is it serves as a training institute. It is a mobile classroom making learning super accessible.

Fall Show 2022

It is incredible how fast time goes and how we have just held our Annual Fall Show again. This year we had it at the Rice Eccles Stadium and it did not disappoint. Our wonderful vendors and our fantastic clients made this another show for the books. Our clients get to see all the new, latest and greatest products coming out planning for their end of year as well as plan what they will need for 2023. Make sure to check out on our website our Fall Show Catalog for the great deals.

Murdock Auto Organizer & Freezer Bags

If you are looking for a great customizable gift that is both useful and stylish, this trunk organizer and freezer bag with their custom embroidered company logo. They make a wonderful gift.

Wheeler CAT Mobile Classroom Trailer

Our Sign Shop recently updated a trailer for our client Wheeler CAT. The amazing thing about this trailer is it serves as a training institute. It is a mobile classroom making learning super accessible.

Direct to Film 24H2 Transfer Printer

We are so happy to announce that we have an amazing machine now in our Heat Seal/DTF Department. Interform recently obtained the Direct to Film 24H2 Transfer Printer. This machine prints amazing quality digital transfer sheets and is able to do everything from a single color piece to full size multi-color prints. With this equipment we are able to produce things faster than we have before, we are thrilled with this piece.

Elevate Aviation Van Wrap

Elevate Aviation is a company that manages aircrafts for rent, for private owners and also helps provide training as well as help those who own private planes. We are so excited to work with this client and their bright clean design on their recent van wrap is bound to get noticed.

Murdock Hats & Tees

Today in our embroidery and Screenprint it was what I like to call a, “Murdock Day.” Our team is working hard on getting the current order for their apparel and hats done and we happened to capture the team working on getting their order done.

Superior Commercial Solutions Car Wrap

Our recent car wrap was for our client Superior Commercial Solutions. The wrap was done on a Tesla changing it from a glass to a matte black with subtle advertising on the back. This job really showcased our employee Javier’s skills and we are absolutely in love with the result on this vehicle.

Interform Golf Classic – June 22, 2022

We held our annual Interform Golf Classic on June 22, 2022. The Classic went off amazingly. There were sunny skies, amazing vendors and great clients that golfed a few holes.

Interform Classic Prep – June 21, 2022

Our annual Inteform Classic is upon us and our team is busy at work getting everything loaded. This is an event we plan for for months and we love the interaction with our clients.

Interform Upstairs Office Renovations

There are lots of changes that are occuring in our offices, one of them has been renovations. Both of our buildings have changes and employees moving as we update areas or make better use of space. The upstairs offices have been worked on since 2021 and we are excited for the changes that have been made.

The Other Side Village Shirts

We are so excited to help work on shirts for ,”The Other Side Village.” This company is helping to create master-planned neighborhoods. They create these in an effort to provide affordable, permanent quality housing for people coming out of chronic homelessness. Their slogan and this cause is a great reminder to us all that to make the world better, “It Takes A Village.”

Fear Factory Apparel

Spooky season is something we celebrate all year with our client Fear Factory. Some of the apparel we worked on for them recently featured an amazing 12-colors inthe job. We love helping them create amazing pieces to celebrate pride and high-quality apparel to offer their customers.

Juicy IPA Tees

We love to support and show love to local businesses. Check out the shirts we did for Squatters Juicy IPA.

Smiths Healing Hope for Kids T-shirts

Our screen printing team recently worked on tees in an effort to help support Smith’s Grocery Store and their foundation called Healing Hope for Kids.

Staker Parson – Zero Harm Bags

Staker Parson is a full-range materials and construction company. They have routinely demonstrated an outstanding safetly performance over the last few years. With the Utah Safety Council, they celebrate and aim always to achieve the Zero Harm goal.

Classic Aviation T-Shirts

Check out this recent job for Classic Aviation. The logo on these t-shirts is perfectly crisp and clean and will make a statement.

Optum Polo Shirts

The bright color of these polos brought some sunshine into this January day. We love the shirt color and the sharp logo that really stands out and pops.

Elevate Aviation T-Shirts

During these cold dark winter days there is nothing better than seeing some bright splashes of color. The t-shirts that we did recently for Elevate Aviation helped brighten things up and given us a hint of spring.

Interform 2021 Highlights

It has been quite a year at Interform, here are some of the highlights of the year.

Rick Bangerter Roofing Vehicle Wrap

We love how sharp and sleek the new vehicle wrap turned out for the Rick Bangerter Roofing Vehicle Wrap. The red color is bound to make a statement out in the public and get noticed.

Legacy Logistics – Malouf Foundation On Watch Semi Truck Wrap

We recently in our sign shop had the privilidge of working with Legacy Logistics and Malouf Foundation to help bring awareness to the cause of Human Trafficking. The wrap on the semi truck will help inform others as to know where to find resources and training to help us all be #onwatch. We love the time and care and skill that Javier at Interform put into this trailer and his efforts. For more information on how you can help with this cause visit

Frontline Concrete Inc Sweatshirts

These sweatshirts for Frontline Concrete really stand out. We love the strong Orange and Green colors and how the black text pops against the color.

Interform 2021 Halloween

Spooky things happen around Interform, here is a brief view of how we celebrated.

Ubiquiti Network Hats

Watching a hat that has a puffed logo is really quite cool. These hats for Ubiquiti Network Hats have such a clean logo with the royal blue they are bound to get people’s attention.

Wheeler Hats

We are loving the variety of logoed patches that Wheeler is using on their hats. You could almost have a different hat for each day of the week.

Fall Show 2021

We had the honor of having this years fall show at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City. This year with the help of our vendors we put on an event to show our clients or potentials some of the amazing products out there and let them see what they can order for the up-and-coming holidays or for the following year. It gives them the chance to see what kind of innovate and quality products are coming on the market.

Ready Hour – Semi Truck Cab Color Change

Over the last 2 week it has been incredible to watch our very talented employee Javier work on the color change on a semi-truck cab for our client Ready Hour. Looking at it from the white to the black with a decal you would hardly know it was the same.

Interform 2021 Classic

The 2021 Interform Classic went off without a hitch. We loved having our clients have the chance to golf, see some of the new swag and laugh and be around eachother.

Arnold Machinery Hats

Today in our embroidery we had the pleasure of working on hats for Arnold Machinery. We love the clean logo and how the colors pop on the black hat. Watching the work our machines do is incredible.

Company Picnic – June 30, 2021

On June 30, 2021, we had the chance to have a fun employee company picnic. It was a great chance for everyone to socialize and take a break and enjoy some yummy food. We also had pickleball and spike ball going on during the lunch.

Zions National Park Ragnar 2021

Some of amazing employees at Interform ran the @ragnarrelay at the Zion’s Ponderosa Ranch recently. We are immensely proud of their accomplishments and physical strength they displayed.

Jerry Cook’s Retirement Party

A few months ago Jerry Cook passed away from health issues; we miss him dearly. Last year as his health started to decline he made the decision to retire from Interform and to honor his time here the employees had a lunch to celebrate his work.

Central Davis Sewer Hats

The hats for the Central Davis Sewer Company turned out to be both fun and professional.

Fear Factory Apparel – April 2021

This month we have been busy in screenprinting both T-Shirts and Sweatshirts for Fear Factory in SLC. The designs are eye-catching the colors with the dramatic prints make for some fantastic product.

Renatus Shift T-Shirts

Renatus recently had us screenprint t-shirts for them, we love the clean modern design and the use of color. They are an eye-popping design.

Interform’s New Fujifilm J Press 720

In the recent months we have added a new top-of-the-line piece to our Interform family. Beginning in January 2021 we removed our former piece and replaced it with the Fujifulm J Press 720. It has the ability to print out 2,700 sheets per hour, producing bleed free quality images and can print images up to 1,200 dpi.

Table Tennis – Interform 2021

During the cold winter months our employees have let out some steam with a good Table Tennis game and at times got quite competitive. Here are some of the highlights of our games.

Screen Printing Press – M&R GAUNTLET III

Our Screen Printing game here at Interform is getting exciting. We just welcomed a new machine; the M&R GAUNTLET III. This machine is heavy-duty and can do up to 12 colors. We can’t wait to see what will come from this exceptional machine.

Emergency Essentials Semi-Truck

We have been very lucky lately at Interform to have the chance to wrap lots of semi-trucks. Our most recent job was for Emergency Essentials. The clean and bold design make it a great advertisement for any truck.

Interform Pickleball 2020

One of the fun ways at Interform we have been trying to do to stay healthy during this pandemic is playing Pickleball. This has allowed our employees a fun outlet from the office and has been quite enjoyable for all.

CMC Cement Truck

Recently at Interform we had the opportunity to wrap a cement truck for the company CMC. This truck had lots of complex angles and twists and curves and it was amazing to watch it all come together. The people that we have work with us on completing these pieces are so talented.

Interform Classic 2020

This video highlights moments from our Interform Classic 2020 at Eaglewood Golf Course on September 16, 2020.

Smith’s Sign Video

Smith’s Food & Drug has been updating their signs and it is really making a splash.

SSCO – Steven Sales Company – Carhartt Dog Jacket

When we say we do custom work, we can honestly make most of your promotional product dreams come true. This past week our embroidery team worked on adding logos to some top-of-the-line Carharrt Dog Jackets. We love the SSCO Steven Sales Company logo, it really pops. The end result was beautiful and will make any dog stylish.

Interform Printer Installation – swissQprint Nyala 3

We are so excited here at Interform to announce the arrival of a new addition to the family. We can’t wait to offer you the speed and capabilites of the swissQprint Nyala 3, which offers high-quality printing.

Granite Credit Union Vehicle Wrap

This week our amazing Vehicle Wrap Specialist Tyler did a wrap on an SUV for Granite Credit Union. This wrap is different than most, the vinyl is color changing. Depending on the light it can look teal, then red or purple. This vehicle is a statement piece and we are loving the result.

Screen-printing Solaray T Shirts

The logo for Solaray/Nutraceutical has so much vibrance and life to it, that it has helped bring some color into a very cold winter.

Cyprus Credit Union – Utah Jazz T-Shirts

This week we our client Cyprus Credit Union had bold t-shirts for the Utah Jazz made. We are loving the contrast of the jazz logo on the yellow shirt.

Moments from the RSL Truck Wrap

This shows a few moments from the beginning of a vehicle wrap our technician Tyler did recently for RSL.

Louie’s Boxing Tees

Our Screen Printing Team yesterday worked on a job recently for the Salt Lake City Parks & Recreation. We are loving how these Louie’s Boxing T-Shirts have turned out.

Academy Mortgage – Hats

Our embroidery team does amazing work and uses skill and precision. Recently with the client Academy Mortgage we worked on some sleek hats that took skill with putting on the patches. The result is fantastic, we love our talented team.

Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation Uniforms

Recently Salt Lake County Parks & Recreation had their uniforms embroidered. The embroidery really pops on the deep rich purple. We love the result.

Interform Employee Calendar 2020

These last few months we had a photo contest among our employees. As of Thanksgiving the winners were announced and we are no underway getting them printed. The result is fantastic and we love the talent we have in our company.

Altabank Vehicle Wraps

Altabank recently rebranded and with that change, they vinyled two trucks and a trailer. The end results of these vehicles is stunning. The color really pops against the surroundings and are bound to get other’s attention.

Pure Water Solutions Minky Couture Blankets

These super cozy blankets from Minky Couture are so soft you want to wrap your whole body in it. Pure Water Solutions recently had their logo placed on some red and black throws. The end result on these pieces is amazing.

Hogan Construction Thermoses

At Interform we have the pleasure of working with clients on all kinds of custom products. Hogan Construction based in Centerville Utah recently had thermoses with their logo lasered on. The end result looks incredible.

Altabank T-Shirts

The Bank of American Fork this week changed it’s name and re-branded to Altabank. Over the last month we have been helping here at Interform with helping them prepare their promotional gear.

Zombie 5K Family Fun Run

This week our screen printing has worked on t-shirts that feature glow in the dark ink, in prep for the Zombie 5K Family Fun Run by Run Revel.

Elevate Realtor T-Shirts

Our team has been working hard and things can get pretty serious. Elevate Realtors recently did a job with us that made us smile, we love that our clients have so much fun.

Rockstar – Fear Factory T-Shirts

Things are getting a little spooky around here as we are gearing towards Halloween especially with these recent shirts we did for the,”Fear Factory,” in SLC.

AHSJ Samaritan Path – Be The One

The American Heritage of South Jordan Samaritan Path, recently had T-Shirts printed with Interform. The Samaritan Path program helps students choose and area of service that they participate in during their school year. Students work with everyone from Veterans to community care centers. Their message of #BETHEONE was a great message and focal point on the shirt.

Canyon Creek Elementary Firebird T-Shirts

At Interform we love supporting the youth in our community and promoting education. This last week we worked with a local school, Canyon Creek Elementary in Farmington, Utah and helped make them new t-shirts with their logo on them.

Expressions Dance Jacket – Before & After

Our embroidery team at Interform does high-quality work. Expressions Dance recently had us help them with new jackets. They had brought in a previous piece they had been done with another company. The quality difference was impressive with our finished piece and we all were amazed at the comparison.

Extra Space Van – Vinyl Wrap

Our expert at vehicle wraps Tyler, does incredible intricate work on each vehicle he touches. The van we recently did for Extra Space went from being an average white van to a green flamed automobile. It is amazing to see how Tyler works with each curve of the vehicle to ensure every part is done correctly. In the end this is a vehicle that will for sure cause heads to turn on the street

Sacred Circle Healthcare Sign

One of the amazing things about Interform is that if you can dream it, we can probably make it for you. In our Sign Shop we just finished working on a new piece for Sacred Circle Health Care. Our expert employee Dave helped make a stunning sign and we are excited to see what it looks like when it is installed.

Interform Fall Show 2019

The fall at Interform means one thing, the yearly Fall Show. Each year we invite our vendors to put on a product display for our clients showing them the latest and greatest products on the market. It is always a fantastic experience and a great way for companies to get items just before the holiday season.

Behind the Scenes – Corporate Video

Interform had a lot of fun filming their new corporate video. We thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes views.

Wasatch Electric Hats

Wasatch Electric based in Salt Lake City, recently had hats made with us. The product and the intricate detail turned out amazing.

Member’s Experience 2019 Conference Notepads

During this past week, we were able to help print and put notepads together for the up and coming Member’s Experience 2019 Conference.

Skipio Football Displays

Skipio was having a conference with Rudy Ruettiger and needed some laser engraved football displays. Interform masterfully crafted the perfect display for them.

Rio Tinto Stadium Rebrand

We did some serious rebranding for the Rio Tinto stadium. We did signs and vinyl for their VIP Club, branded the Interform Club. We also rebranded a food cart in their concession stand.

Interform Custom Mug Glass Etching

We have the ability to customize anything that you can imagine.