Sharolyn Shimer

What is your FIRST Name: Sharolyn Shimer 

What is your current position and what do you do for Interform?

Web Development Team

What is one accomplishment you are proud of? (Personal or Professional)

Sharolyn is the,”mom,” which is a life long goal. She loves and supports her kids. There is no greater accomplishment than being part of their lives and knowing they are brave and strong enough to chase their own dreams. 

Who are you outside of work? Your hobbies, interests, side projects, etc?

Outside of work she is the Momster who managers chaos. She is her kid’s biggest fan. There is no greater joy than cheering from a sideline and supporting her kids becoming their best selves.

She tends to run late all the time and secretly enjoys an 8 – 10 mile jog. She likes to be outdoors soaking in all the sunshine she can get, preferably mountain air or sand in her toes beachy air, but sometimes dancing in the rain is a great place to be.

She likes to dance in the kitchen while cooking with her husband and kids. She bribes neighbors to be her friend, homemade ice cream on a Sunday afternoon works every time. Fast and Furious is her favorite movie series. She likes to play board and card games with her family. Sharolyn is in her happy place when she is hosting a gathering and being able to be with her family and friends where there is food and laughter found.

What are 4 interesting facts about you?

Sharolyn has been blessed to be the mom (step-mom) of 12 kids.

She met her husband online. He was the creeper who moved his RV a few blocks from her house after they met. She may have sent her girlfriends a pin to ensure their location everywhere they went, they were being tracked. He eventually bought a house and a ring. She said, Yes and they began to create their Happily Ever After. Who doesn’t believe in Fairy Tale endings from online dating?

She walks around like everything is fine, but deep down inside her shoe, her sock is sliding off.

She does not like anything chocolate but all other desserts and an ice cold Pepsi can be motivation. 

What is a humorous story that will add flavor to your bio? (Remember this is going online.)

She sometimes shocks herself with the smart stuff she says and does. Then she gets out of the car with her seatbelt on.