Tanner Hansen

NAME: Tanner


Tanner is part of the Web Development Team. Currently, he is moving data from old systems to the new system. He will later maintain websites.


Tanner is the middle child of five kids in his family. He eats his food allergens everyday for his immunotherapy. He likes to tinker with computers using Linux and by programming. He runs a home NextCloud server powered by Docker. He’s also interested in the Rust programming language. One of his side-projects before joining Interform was being a Launcher for Minecraft.


He knew how to print from a  computer at the early age of two years old! In high school, he won the Ken Garff eSports Cybersecurity challenge for Davis School District. He and his teammate researched, hacked, and reverse engineered their way to victory!


When Tanner was eight years old, he and his cousin were in the cold food storage room during a family party held at his house. He says he doesn’t know what got  into the two of them, but they began opening cans of Vienna Sausages began throwing them toward the ceiling in the hopes that they would stick. Needless to say, he got in so much trouble that night.