Vicki Bell

NAME: Vicki


She is an Account Manager here at Interform.


Vicki loves crafting with her Cricut, spending time with her family, and traveling. Vicki beat cancer in 2011.


Vicki beat cancer in 2011.

Vicki auditioned to be Mickey Mouse at the age of nineteen. She lived in Alaska for one summer as a kid, and she met her husband at a summer camp while they were both still in high school.


Vicki went tubing at Snowbasin. She was going so fast on her last run that she went up the hill at the bottom and crashed into the construction fence they had in place there. She ended up flipping over and sliding facedown all the way back to where she was supposed to have stopped! The 8-year-old friend who was with her saw this happen; he asked his mom, “Did you see that epic crash?” He was surprised to see that it was Vicki when they got to the bottom of the hill.